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  • Tri – Tip


    Tri-tip comes from the bottom (“tip”) of the sirloin. Its name comes from its triangle shape and the fact that it is at the very tip of the sirloin. It’s rich in meaty flavor and lower in fat than other cuts.

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    Prime Rib


    Prime rib has a large “eye” of meat in the center, which is juicy, tender, and marbled with fat. This eye is surrounded by fat-marbled muscle, and that is surrounded by a thick cap of fat. Because these muscles are not heavily used, the prime rib is tender, juicy, and extremely flavorful.

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    Chuck Roast


    Comes from the shoulder area and yields cuts known for their rich, beefy flavor. Chuck roasts are great for slow-cooking.

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    Rump Roast


    Rump Roasts are an extra lean piece of beef that come from a heavily used muscle group. All that use of the muscle develops a rich beef flavor that is great with a wide variety of seasonings or sauces.